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Wild Rockies News & Press Releases


  • T-SHIRTGATE 2008....

    Wild Rockies has changed the t-shirt policy. In previous years, we provided individual race t-shirts for our events. This year we are not. Due to the fact that we allow "On-site Registration" we are basically unable to "guesstimate" how many t-shirts we need for each race. (Barking Spider 2008 had more than 130 unregistered racers) We still have BOXES of shirts from previous races in our storage. WR is striving to use sound practices that include recycling, promoting ride-shares, supporting locally owned businesses, food/drinks at every race and providing the highest quality products possible. This means IF we do choose to do a traditional t-shirt for an individual race, it will not be the cheapest white cotton shirt we can find. It will be made in USA and/or organic as was the shirt for Salmon last year. As you can imagine this is MUCH more costly than a cheap white shirt...

    1. We have custom made HI-TECH shirts made and embroidered by two local companies: Cyclone Sportswear and Design Embroidery.

    2. The first time you pre-register you will get one of these shirts FREE...(with the exception of the TOUR)included in the price of registration.

    3. Each racer will get ONE PER SEASON...regardless of how often you pre-register.

    4. These retail for $30 dollars and are for sale if interested. As a registered racer you can buy them for $20

    5. We are not lowering the price of the race because we are not giving t-shirts. As we all know the cost of about everything has gone up in the past year. We have not increased our prices from last year and we also don't charge LATE fees, (with exception of the TOUR, XTERRA and BANZAI) so please understand we are not trying to make extra money from you. If you notice at the races last year, we gave away FREE food and drink during some of the events and we would like to continue to provide FREE meals, so this all adds up to be quite expensive.Thanks for your understanding.

    Final Note: We want the focus of our races to be THE RACE. This series is so you as a racer can gain experience for yourself and your race resume. These are not races "just for the heck of it" or fundraiser runs/rides like the Tour de Fat...it's serious business, folks!! If you have any questions at all please email us at wildrockiesemail@yahoo.com.

    2007 Racing Season

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